See You In Viet Nam is the project to share our local knowledge about all destinations in Vietnam, to help anyone plan their trip to VN more easily and how to get the best experience in Vietnam.

"We love traveling and meeting new people, learning about their different way of life - culture, traditions especially food."
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We love traveling and discovering from all the Vietnam aspects: the incredible history of the Vietnam War, scooters, energetic streets, tasty street food, multicultural lifestyle, strong-as-death coffee, chaotic scenes, colonial architecture… 

In TRAVEL GUIDE, we will share our local knowledge about all destinations in Vietnam and many tips to help anyone plan their trip to Vietnam more easily. And then, you can get the best experience in Vietnam.


Vietnam is very famous for food. In this category, we will tell you many worth-trying foods in Vietnam, the story behind the dish, it’s history and how to make it by the easily way.

Are you a fan of trying new food and wanna have the best local food experience?

experience ON AIRBNB

With more than 10 years living in Saigon, we built an experience named SAI GON ON FOOT on Airbnb to answer the question “WHAT MAKES SAIGON UNIQUE? and to prove Saigon is more than just another Southeast Asian city.

If you have visited all the major attractions and don’t want to see any more tourists, we’ll take you for a memorable exploration walk to really “see” and understand Saigon.

Together with our best friend – Hoang, we would love to share all the stories we know about the city, the country and listen to yours.


Videos start with "Why"

Why Mcdonald's lost to Banh Mi in Vietnam? Why Da Nang is so Singaporean? Many questions about Vietnam will be answered by Vietnamese in these videos. Hope you understand deeper about Vietnam's culture and history. Ask us if you need an answer about anything about Vietnam!

Where to go / eat?

You want to plan your trip to Vietnam but you are wondering is some places worth visiting or not? These videos will share with you where to go, how to choose which destinations to go, where to eat, how to enjoy at popular places, best time to visit, how to avoid the tourist crowds...

Vietnamese food's recipe

Vietnamese food is famous for its balance by many ingredients. We're happy to share with you some recipes we often make this food at home. We're not the chef but we love cooking so much and all kinds of food we introduce in these videos are really easy to make. Try Vietnamese food anywhere you live, cook it by yourself is also an interesting experience, isn't it?

Travel the world?

We love traveling and discovering many cultures about many countries. So we also do some videos to share our experience when we finished an abroad trip, share the feeling when we came back from a memorable trek. And then, we'll think about our next trip around the world!

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