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My Son Early Access Tour at Opening

My Son Early Access Tour at Opening

$29 / per person
(2 Reviews)

Whether you’re a history buff who’s been itching to visit My Son since your first planning trip to Vietnam, or you just heard about it yesterday and thought, ‘Hey, why not? I have a few hours to kill, let’s see some temples’ this tour is for you. By the end of our early morning My Son Temples Tour, we hope you’ll understand more about how Champa civilization has shaped Vietnam’s modern society and appreciate how much ancient civilizations, though gone, have influenced the world we live in today.

Early Morning Private Tour

We know getting up early on a holiday is not the best, but this is the occasion where we strongly recommend it. It will be just you and your group in the serene, spiritual atmosphere of My Son Valley without the swarm of tourists. You will leave the site when the tourist buses start coming in, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the site at your own pace, and take some good pictures without feeling guilty of ‘excuse me, could you step aside for just a second?’

Meet your private guide, Nguyen

Growing up among the Champa communities, Nguyen picked up his interest in Champa’s history and culture from his Cham fellows in school. His love for Champa inspired him to visit nearly all countries that shared similar Indianized origins, including Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and India. A world traveler at heart, Nguyen is enthusiastic about sharing the beauty of Champa with everyone coming to Vietnam. Informative but also a friendly guide, Nguyen’s ready to make your My Son trip an unforgettable experience.

Nguyen & Tien on one of their trips to India

What makes this My Son tour unique?

We know there are countless options for this tour, but we are proud to be unique in our guide’s enthusiasm about Champa. You’ll learn not just about My Son & Champa but also compare it with other civilizations in Asia, and understand more about how cultures influence each other to shape Southeast Asia today. You will learn some anecdotes that could be found in no travel guides, like how Champa helped China become the world’s most populous country (well, before India took the lead) or how weird Vietnam War inventions like the ‘people sniffer’ led to the destruction of My Son.
And you will have a chance to taste some Champa signature ginger cakes, as we also believe: “nothing better than understanding culture through its food”


Ealy pick up at your hotel in Hoi An or Da Nang and drive to My Son (1 hour)
5:00 AM (May-October)
5:30 AM (November- April)
Light breakfast & coffee

• 7.00 – 9:00 am: Explore My Son at your own pace
• Arrive back at your hotel at 10:30-11:00


Light breakfast
Pick up and drop off from your hotel.
AC Transportation


Entrance ticket (150,000VND/person)
Personal expenses
Gratitude is not mandatory but much appreciated


29$/person (710,000VND/person)


Note: The tour begins with a minimum of two guests. However, if you are traveling solo, please reach out to us to inquire about tour availability.

* Feel free to message us to arrange another time or any questions.

Whatsapp: +84363773702

Half Day
6+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Your Hotel in Hoi An
  • Departure Time
    5:00 AM (May-October) or 5:30 AM (November- April)
  • Return Time
    10:30 AM
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable and light
  • Included
    Personal Guide
  • Not Included
    Entrance ticket

Tour Location

My Son Sanctuary: ancient, unique Champa architecture, well-preserved ruins, surrounded by natural beauty. Must-see in Vietnam.

Hystory of the My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is an incredible temple complex located in the Quang Nam province of Vietnam, and is one of the most fascinating historical sites in the country. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means it's recognized as an important cultural and historical landmark. The complex was built by the Champa civilization over a thousand years ago, and it's a perfect example of their unique architectural style and intricate artwork. The temples and ruins are incredibly well-preserved, and visiting the site is like stepping back in time. The site is surrounded by lush greenery and natural beauty, making it a peaceful and serene place to explore. The Cham towers are a particular highlight, and they're shrouded in legends and stories that our expert guides will reveal to you. Visiting My Son Sanctuary is an unforgettable experience, and it's perfect for anyone interested in history, culture, or just looking to explore a truly unique site. You'll learn about the Champa civilization, discover their unique traditions and beliefs, and marvel at the incredible architecture and artwork that they left behind. So if you're looking for a historical adventure in Vietnam, My Son Sanctuary is an absolute must-see!

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  • Judy Hoctor

    What a fascinating tour this was! We had an amazing time from start to finish. We learned so much amazing history and gained a deeper respect of the Champa Empire. It helped us put together the pieces of the various unique parts of Vietnam. Although our tour started early in the morning, it was very worthwhile because we missed the bulk of the crowds and could experience My Son’s beauty in peace without having to navigate around big groups and guides. Just as we were leaving we started to see the crowds arriving and were glad to have avoided them!

    Nguyen really brought the history and architecture to life in an unexpected way (we won’t give it away for you). Our trip started from the touristy Hoi An, and it was helpful to see how the trading and maritime culture fits into the Champa Empire. The famous ancient well that is used to make the Hoi An specialty Cao Lâu noodles was built by the Cham people, and added an additional dimension to our experience in Hoi An.

    Nguyen is a top-notch tour guide with a true heart and passion for Vietnam. We highly recommend this tour to everyone!

    March 30, 2024 at 5:23 am
  • Helen Farlow

    We booked this early morning tour with Nguyen after we had gone on his Vegan Food of Hoi An. We had enjoyed his company so much we knew his tour to My Son would be wonderful. From the moment we were picked up from our hotel by Nguyen and his charming driver in a new SUV we knew it was going to be a great tour. The very early morning pick up was a fantastic suggestion as it meant that we beat the heat. We arrived as the site opened and we were also ahead of all the tourist buses arriving! It was so atmospheric in the cool early morning with the mist still hanging on the surrounding mountains and beautiful bird song. During our journey to get there Nguyen shared with us the history of My Son and its influences. His exceptional knowledge of the Champa Empire was so educational and he was so fabulous at answering any of our questions. He had even gone to the trouble of preparing charts, photos and timelines as additional visual supports to the information he was sharing. After a light breakfast at the car we set off to tour the site with Nguyen. His deep respect and knowledge of the site was evident in everything he told us as we walked around the various areas. At one of the temples he actually demonstrated some of the building techniques that had been used to build the structures by producing some of his own hand made wooden blocks. Just amazing the amount of effort and thought he had put in! At another temple we stopped to look at a team of archaeologists working on the site and Nguyen discussed the progress they were making. He then delighted us with
    some delicious home made Champa ginger cakes for us to enjoy while relaxing in the shade. What a lovely personal way of sharing the Champa culture and his absolute dedication to the finer details. We will be recommending all of his tours to our friends and family when they visit Vietnam. The deep love he has for his country, it’s culture and his enthusiasm for sharing it was a very positive experience.

    April 9, 2024 at 4:46 am

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