About See You In Viet Nam

Hey, we are Nguyen & Tien from See You In Viet Nam.

We love traveling and meeting new people, learning about their different way of life – culture, traditions especially food. We’ve built this website to share our knowledge, information, and tips about Vietnam travel and Vietnamese Food.

Quitting our full-time jobs as a cycling tour guide (Nguyen) and a script-writer (Tien), we spend more time working on our website and youtube.

Our team

Let’s introduce a little bit about See You In Viet Nam’s team!



Nguyen has hadΒ  6 years of being a cycling travel tour guide around Viet Nam. Nguyen’s also a video content creator with a great passion for photography, video editing.



Tien has had 6 years of being a script-writer, producer for film-making and communication companies. Tien has great passion for creating interesting content on website and video.

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