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The unique Saigon Walking Tour


Come along with me on an awesome walking tour through the bustling streets of Saigon.

I had the pleasure of being a tour guide to Sofia and Anika, two brave girls from the Philippines who were eager to explore the coolest parts of the city. We uncovered some hidden gems that make Saigon extra special. Guess what? Sofia and Anika surprised me by showing up a whopping 15 minutes early for our tour, that never happened before. Can you believe it? They were so excited to dive into our Saigon adventure.

Hoang and Anika during the first section of the tour explore the maze of alleys in District 4
We started our journey in District 4, which used to be known as the Mafia district. It was where tough guys hung out, but now it’s a peaceful neighborhood. Don’t be fooled, though—the narrow streets are still full of energy! It’s like District 1’s rebellious cousin. Not many tourists go there, but that’s exactly why we wanted to explore it. Sofia and Anika were armed with curiosity and captured the local life through Sofia’s camera and Anika’s love for little details. They were amazed by geese wandering the streets and found adorable cats hiding in coffee shops.
Things you don't normally see doing a typical walking tour in Saigon
As we strolled through District 4, the delicious smell of coffee and street food filled the air. We dived into the busy coffee street, explored the lively central market, and bravely made our way through the maze-like alleys. Along the way, we shared stories about our countries, laughing at the differences and discovering the similarities. Even though Sofia and Anika weren’t big coffee drinkers, they couldn’t resist trying Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk and ice. It turned them into accidental coffee lovers!
Hoang and Anika explored a bustling street filled with shops dedicated to aquarium life.

Next, we visited District 5, where we stumbled upon Saigon’s Chinese community. The streets were decorated with bright colors, showcasing the fusion of Chinese and Vietnamese cultures. Sofia and Anika, both devoted Catholics, were fascinated by the influence of Buddhism on daily life. We delved into the differences between the two religions and had a funny yet educational experience.
In Chinatown, we explored the lively aquarium market and the aromatic herbal medicine street, both managed by the Chinese community. We stopped to enjoy some unique herbal teas served by the roadside while scooters whizzed past us. It was a lively and exciting moment for both locals and us adventurous explorers.

Anika inside the Chinese-style Buddhist temple.
Finally, we reached District 3, where Saigon’s history played a significant role. We visited the place where a monk protested against the government by setting himself on fire. It was a symbol of resistance. We also sneaked into an underground safe house where Vietnamese commandos planned and hid weapons. It was like being in a thrilling spy movie! We even went down into an underground bunker and climbed up to the rooftop for a unique view of history. Our walking tour through Saigon’s coolest neighborhoods was a fantastic journey of discovery and understanding. From the vibrant streets of District 4 to the cultural blend of Chinatown and the historical importance of District 3, Sofia and Anika embraced the colorful tapestry of Saigon. The little things they cherished and the stories we shared created memories that will last a lifetime. So, put on your walking shoes, go on your own Saigon adventure, and let the city reveal its secrets, one step at a time.
We went down to the underground weapon hiding bunker
Hoang Vu, Jun 2023

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