Vegan rice paper roll is very popular in Vietnam. You can easily to find this food on top list of menu in any Vietnamese restaurants. It’s simple and healthy with crunchy veggies, rice noodles, fresh herbs, tofu and rice paper.
Many people like to call it with the name: “Summer rolls” because I think it’s really fresh and suitable for eating in the hot weather of summer. Now, this name become popular but in Vietnam we like to eat this food anytime, any seasons.


In order to make Vegan Summer Rolls, you need to have some lettuce, mint leaves, basil, chili, rice noodle, yellow pepper, carrot, peanut, garlic, cucumber, tofu, rice paper, sesame seeds, peanut butter, vegan oil, soy sauce, a bowl of water.

The recipe:

Step 1:
At first, wash and dry the veggies. Slice the carrot, cucumber, yellow pepper thinly, slice the garlic, too. With the tofu, you need to press the tofu in order to get liquid out, then cut the tofu into cube.
Step 2:
Boil a pan with a little vegan oil and fry the tofu into golden. Take the tofu out and add 1 teaspoon soy sauce then mix it. That will help the tofu more flavorful.
Step 3:
Keep the pan with a little vegan oil and continue stir fry the carrot.
Step 4:
Roast the sesame seeds into golden. Stir frequently to make it unburned.
Step 5: 
Soften the rice paper in the bowl of water for 5-10 seconds. Carefully remove the rice paper from the water and place onto a wood cutting board. We’re going to fill the rice paper. You can start with some herbs, tofu and all ingredients, put some sesame seeds on, then roll it slowly and carefully.
And you have a nice vegan rice paper roll. So now you just going to continue this with the remaining ingredients.
Step 6:
Make the sauce. I prefer to serve rice paper rolls with peanut sauce.
At first, heat the pan with some vegan oil, put the garlic into, add some soy sauce, add 1 tea spoon peanut butter, one tea spoon sugar. Then, add 1 teaspoon water and mix them together. Take it out and put some peanut and chili on top. It’s really delicious to eat with rice paper rolls.

These vegan summer rolls are simple but so flavorful. It’s also really colorful so you can easily make your own creative rice paper roll by using whatever vegies that you like.


This is a recipe I come back to over and over again. I love making these Vegan Rice Paper Rolls and serving them with lots of spicy and sweet peanut sauce.


I hope you love these Vegan Rice Paper Rolls as much as I do! 

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