In Vietnam, we often go to the wet market for buying all ingredients. We choose all by hand and make sure that it's fresh, cheap. If you come to Vietnam, going to a local market is an experience you must try. It's the easiest way you can see how the local life!

The best way to have all fresh ingredients

In the Vietnamese wet market, you can easily find fresh fish which they’re still alive. I remember when I took a foreign friend to the market near my home, he was so shocked seeing the seller kill the fish within 3 seconds. It’s quite hard to see it but anyway, it’s the best way to have a fresh fish dish in a meal.

And you also find any fresh meat or seafood in a Vietnamese wet market. They sell on the street, indoor and outdoor, from early morning to evening. It’s a bit messy, sometimes it’s really crowded but it’s how the locals in Vietnam are living!

An easy way to buy what you need

Why people in Vietnam like going to the wet market although there are many supermarkets, convenient stores now. Fresh food, cheap price, anything else?

I think one important reason is that it’s more convenient to buy in the market than in the supermarket. As you know, people in Vietnam use a lot of scooters and they can easily stop in front of a food seller and buy it very quickly. No need to wait for parking, looking for lots of things or sometimes getting lost in a big supermarket in order to buy just… a chili or spring onion. So people still like going to the market for this convenient things.

So if you come to Viet Nam, go to a local market will be an interesting experience!

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