We attended a morning photography walk around the Old Town early in the morning; the event was organized by Pics of Asia & Hoi An Photo Tour & Workshop team. 

The event attracted about 20 photo enthusiasts with all different camera types, including smartphone.

We did a 2-hour walk around the small streets in the Ancient Town. It was a great experience to admire the beauty of the Old Town with other photographers who are mostly living & working in Hoi An. 

The walk started at 7:00, it was perfect timing to capture the daily activities of locals who are living in the Old Town before the tourist flocks come. We had brilliant light until 8:30 then the sunlight turned harsh and made the subjects too bright. 

It was not just a walk of taking photos but also a great chance to meet other photographers and learn from each other about decisive moments, lighting, paying more attention to the background, using the patterns, shapes and colors for storytelling. 

So if you’re planning your trip to Hoi An, wondering where to take photos in Hoi An, no matter if you’re also a keen photographer or just simply like to capture photos of local daily life by your smartphone. An early morning walk starts at 6:00 is a must. 

Check it out our result of today’s walk. 

Morning walk around the old town
Early morning is a great time to take relection photos
Amazing reflection
Iconic Hoi An Japanese Bridge in the morning
Only in the early morning that you can see these local activites
Beautiful lighting
Who can not love this cute face?
Too eager
At Hoi An Central Market
This is the paradise for street photography
People are friendly for you to take their photos, just simply ask for the permissions
$4 premade shirts seller
Beautiful lanterns
Tien in action
Sharing photography tips

June 13, 2020 – Hoi An

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